May 17, 2023

UMI Alumni Body Moves to Increase Employability of UMI Graduates

The Alumni Association executive members of Uganda Management Institute (UMI), led by their President or Chairman Dr. Adrian Beinebyabo, on Friday organized a symposium during which top leaders and HR managers at leading employer organizations in Kampala were invited. The idea was to have them interact with UMI students (technically known as participants) whose knowledge had to be deepened on what it takes to excel at job interviews and generally succeed in the post-UMI employment careers. Beinebyabo explained that it was their conviction that engagements like this would polish UMI participants and thereby increase their employability upon graduation.

To their credit, the symposium organizers (basically the Alumni Association and the UMI students guild) had NWSC’s head of HR Eunice Alanyo, Uganda Prisons’ Hillary Bisanga, UPDF’s Chief of Personnel & Administration Brig Francis Kato Bbossa and Deputy Public Service Commission Secretary the very influential Francis Musingwire come together to spend much of the day interacting with UMI participants. It was an interactive session during which the UMI participants were encouraged to freely ask as many questions as they desired. The same were generously answered by the HR gurus who were carefully selected largely because they head HR practices and divisions at organizations which employ tens of thousands of Ugandans.

Gratefully, the guest speakers were very generous in the way they presented papers, shared experiences and answered questions raised during the plenary session. From Uganda Police Force came AIGP (General) Jessy Kamunanwire who heads the HR Division. He highlighted for the attentively-listening participants the opportunities available at the UPF. His paper was titled: “Post Graduate job opportunities in the market: What Uganda Police can offer.” Whereas Musingwire spoke about “Best Standards of Recruitment Processes & Procedures,” Alanyo explained how one can successfully position themselves for gainful employment at equal opportunity employers like NWSC.

Uganda Prisons Services’ head Dr. Johnson Byabashaija, who is a proud alumni of UMI, was unable to personally come to preside over the closing ceremony and was represented by Ag Director Prisons Administration John Bosco Tumwebaze who did an equally good job. Byabashaija, who is always very enthusiastic towards UMI activities, also serves as the patron for the Alumni Association.

Besides Beinebyabo, the other key UMI officials who graced and spoke at the symposium included Governing Council member Margaret Zziwa (represented Chairperson FX Lubanga), Dr. S Kasozi Mulindwa and Dr. Nakabago. The Guild President Mohammed Kasawuli also conspicuously participated in the symposium. Besides sharpening the participants for the job market, the symposium was also a great opportunity to create some positive visibility and publicity for the Jinja Road-based Institute. The participants were also given life-changing tips on how to meet expectations of one’s employer. More can be seen in pictures.

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