May 17, 2022

UAPAM Votes Leaders to Office.

The Uganda Association of Public Administrators and Management (UAPAM) has selected the leadership committee with the intention to serve the interests of the public better.

According the chairperson of the association, Lucy Nakyobe, who is also the head of public service and secretary to the cabinet, the elected leaders are to help spear head the activities of the association for better service delivery.

She made the remarks during the Annual General Meeting on Friday (05 /05/23) at Uganda Management Institute (UMI) Kampala.

‘’ As an association, we were affected during COVID-19, however, to have the association active, it requires active and supported leadership,’’ she said.

The leadership committee has five members, who include the president, the vice president, the general secretary, the treasurer, and the vice treasurer.

Nakyobe, however, called upon all public administrators to unite so that service delivery could be easily and equally disseminated to the public.

She however, thanked the leadership at UMI for its resilience in supporting the organisation’s activities.

I would like to implore institutions and administrators in your various organisations to support this association as well as share information with the public so that people can be helped. This is the only way we can best serve as an association.’’ She noted.

According to Nakyobe, UAPAM is made up of senior public sector managers, top administrators in the public service, management consultants, academics in institutions of higher learning, young professionals, and agencies.

Being organised is the only way to best serve our country as public administrators, and to the new leaders, I encourage you to be servants for the common good of developing our country.’’ She says. She also emphasized the need to improve inputs in management and public administration in order to serve the citizens better.

 In October last year, Lucy Nakyobe was appointed chairperson of UAPAM. She is a seasoned Public administrator with over 30 years of working experience, having joined the civil service in 1990 as an assistant secretary in the environmental protection department.

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