Diploma in Public Administration & Community Development


The Diploma in Public Administration and Community Development (PACOD) is an ordinary (or post-secondary) post-experience programme. The programme consists of 14 modules to be covered over a period of two years (or four semesters), with a total programme load of 45 Credit Units (CUs). Each examination for a given module in a prescribed semester is administered to all participants who meet the examination requirements of Uganda Management Institute (July, 2019) and National Council for Higher Education’s (NCHE) minimum standards. The programme emphasizes the imperative to apply public administration principles and ethical values for rapid community development. Attaining this Diploma qualification shall be a basic requirement to admission for a Bachelor’s degree in a number of Humanity courses in any University in Uganda.

Admissions Requirements

As per the National QA Framework (NCHE, 2008), the minimum admission requirements are:

  • Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes; and
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with 1 principle pass and 2 subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.

Program Details

Year One Semester One

PACOD 5111: Introduction to Public Administration
PACOD 5112: Government Systems and Structures
PACOD 5113: Supervisory Skills Development
PACOD 5114: Administrative Law and Ethics

Year One Semester Two

PACOD 5121: Ethics and Integrity in Organizations
PACOD 5122: Foundations of Public Policy
PACOD 5123: Decentralization and Local Government
PACOD 5124: Introductions to Economics and Public Finance

Year Two Semester One

PACOD 5211: Community Dynamics and Development
PACOD 5212: Community Mobilization and Empowerment
PACOD 5213: Managing Community Development Project
PACOD 5214: Sustainable Local Economic Development

Year Two Semester Two

PACOD 5221: Urban Planning and Governance
PACOD 5222: Basic Research and Internship

Fees Structure





Application (Paid when Applying)


Registration (Functional Fee)


Examination (Functional Fee)


Development (Functional Fee)


NCHE Fee (Click NCHE for Instructions)


Guild (Functional Fee)


Library (Functional Fee)


Journal (Functional Fee)


Identity (Functional Fee)


The programme targets current and prospective community/public officers in public, private and NGO sectors. However, it specifically targets the current and prospective Parish Chiefs deployed as front line officers at the lower level in the delivery of services.

Target Group

Requirements Needed to Apply

The Basic Requirements for the whole process include:

  • An email address and contact number
  • Your Academic Documents to pick Key details like Award Institution, Index Number for O and A level, year of award, etc.
  • A Laptop/Computer with a Stable Internet Connection
  • Click to access Guideline for the Online Application
  • Note that a PDF Document (With all Qualifications) is attached after submitting the form
  • The Payment (40,000 UGX) is made after Attaching the Documents