August 24, 2021

Indonesian Ambassador to East Africa Visits UMI

The Indonesian ambassador to East Africa Dr Mohamed Saripujin visited UMI on 14/2/2023 in a bid to enhance relations between UMI and the University of UNITIDAR magelang in Indonesia.  The Ambassador who was accompanied by the deputy Chief of protocol and Citizen Services was received by Dr. James Nkata , DG UMI,  alongside of  Dr. Kasozi  Mulindwa ,the Director programs and students affairs.

The Ambassador indicated that his visit was aimed at promoting Education Diplomacy and tourism.  He said “we believe in bilateral corporation and value exchanges.  UMI is a stand-out in EA and this is our reason for this reach out as the Indonesian embassy in EA”.

Dr. Nkata welcomed the Ambassador and his team and walked them through the history and service profile of UMI. Nkata highlighted research as a possible core area of collaboration.  He committed to further talks with the University of Tidar.

The Director Programs and students affairs interested the Indonesian team in corporation with the UMI business incubation center- This he said is aimed at supporting growth of business.  Kasozi noted that like UNITIDAR, UMI aims and is on a mission for internationalization. Dr. Kasozi also interested the visiting team in making UMI the Indonesian outreach point in Uganda.  A number of possible areas of partnerships were discussed.  The ambassador emphasized Edu tourism and faculty exchanges as interests areas.

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