Masters in Public Procurement Management


Management of public or private sector entities require effective and efficient policies to guide daily managerial decisions. Policies serve as courses of action to offer organizational direction, employees and business decisions, and to regulate, direct and control actions and conduct. Both public and organizational policies relate to and impact various aspects of life of the people in the public and organizational realm. Public policies deal with issues, problems and needs regarding health, education, employment, poverty, housing, justice, law and order, rule of law, security of life and property, national security and interstate relations. Organizational policies provide standards to guide the organisation members’ decision-making process towards attainment of organisational goals. The MPDA is deemed an appropriate and sufficient academic and training Programme to support and supplement Government of Uganda’s efforts to develop Policy Analysts Cadres for Government Ministries and Departments and Agencies. The programme will therefore empower all policy actors with the necessary conceptual and analytical skills for influencing and directing decision making in public processes. Relatedly, since the public sector works closely with and facilitates the private sector and the Non- Governmental organizations in providing solutions to societal problems.

Admissions Requirements

The admission for this programme will be in accordance with already established guidelines of the Institute and those for Masters programmes in line with the NCHE guidelines. In any case, the candidate will be admitted to the programme if he/she satisfies the following conditions:

  • Holds an honours Bachelors Degree from a chartered institution of higher learning
  • Has a professional qualification from any recognized professional body
  • Any other relevant qualifications.
  • Practical experience is an addedadvantage

Program Details

MPPM - Coursework and Dissertation (Plan A)

MPPM 7101: Foundations of Public Administration & Organization Behavior (Core)
MPPM 7102: Foundations of Public Procurement (Core)
MPPM 7103: Public Procurement and Development (Core)
MPPM 7104: International Procurement Management (Core)
MPPM 7105: Strategic Planning and Management (Core)
MPPM 7106: Research Methods (Core)
Research workshop (1) (Basic)

MPPM 7111: E-Procurement Management Applications (Core)
MPPM 7112: Government Contract Management (Core)
MPPM 7113: Sustainable Supply Chain Management (Core)
MPPM 7124: Ethics and Law (Core)
MPPM 7115: Comparative Public Administration (Core)
MPPM 7116: Procurement Risk Management (Core)
Research workshop (2) (Basic)

Semester One
Research Workshop (3) 
Dissertation Writing
Semester Two
Research Workshop (4) 
Dissertation Writing

MPPM - Research (Plan C)

Semester One
Research Workshop 1
Proposal Writing
Semester Two
Research Workshop 2
Proposal Writing

Semester One
Research Workshop 3
Dissertation Writing
Semester Two
Research Workshop 4
Dissertation Writing

Fees Structure



Tuition (Per Semester)


Application (Paid when Applying)


Registration (Functional Fee)


Examination (Functional Fee)


Development (Functional Fee)


NCHE Fee (Click NCHE for Instructions)


Guild (Functional Fee)


Library (Functional Fee)


Journal (Functional Fee)


Identity (Functional Fee)


Public procurement officers and those aspiring to join the public procurement function at any level – central, local and parastatal level. For those in the private sector, the programme will enable them understand the machinery of Government. Other employees and officers in government agencies and government aides institutions engaged in various levels of procurement as user departments, stores, finance, projects, corporate planning and other allied activities of a public/private sector organization.

Target Group

Requirements Needed to Apply

The Basic Requirements for the whole process include:

  • An email address and contact number
  • Your Academic Documents to pick Key details like Award Institution, Index Number for O and A level, year of award, etc.
  • A Laptop/Computer with a Stable Internet Connection
  • Click to access Guideline for the Online Application
  • Note that a PDF Document (With all Qualifications) is attached after submitting the form
  • The Payment (40,000 UGX) is made after Attaching the Documents