Masters in Institutional Management and Leadership


In today’s changing landscape of service delivery, it is pertinent that managers at all levels become sophisticated to steer the Knowledge economy and face the internationalization challenges that are taking shape in the effective and efficient delivery of goods, services and works. Managers in public, private and the NGO world are both consumers and critical agents of the desired knowledge of management and leadership from an institutional perspective. In line with the mission and strategic direction of UMI, the School of Management Sciences designed a unique Master’s Degree in Institutional Management and Leadership, which blends theoretical and practical skills to produce an institutional leader or manager with capacity to steer his or her institution/organization in the rapidly changing organizational environment. The Programme is designed to enable managers play a challenging role in managing key strategic resources and to tap necessary competences amidst a turbulent internal and external institutional set up where the common expectation is ‘to do more with less’. The programme not only addresses the primary challenges of day-today operational management and leadership issues but more importantly it aims at developing managers and leaders who can handle the tactical and strategic roles.

Admissions Requirements

The admission for this programme will be in accordance with already established guidelines of the Institute and those for Masters programmes in line with the NCHE guidelines. In any case, the candidate will be admitted to the programme if he/she satisfies the following conditions:

  • Holds an honours Bachelors Degree from a chartered institution of higher learning
  • Has a professional qualification from any recognized professional body
  • Any other relevant qualifications.
  • Practical experience is an addedadvantage

Program Details

Year One Semester One

MIML 7111: Organizational Management and Leadership (Core)
MIML 7112: Financial Management and Reporting in Institutions (Core)
MIML 7113: Policy Development and Management (Core)
MIML 7114: Research Methods (Core)
MIML 7115: People Management in Organizations (Core)
MIML 7116: Strategic Leadership and Management (Core)
MIML 7117: Scholarly Writing and Publication Skills (Basic)
Research Workshop (1) (Basic )

Year One Semester Two
MIML 7121: Administrative Law, Ethics and Protocol (Core)
MIML 7122: Project planning, Management & Evaluation (Core)
MIML 7123: Corporate Governance (Core)
MIML 7124: Organizational Development (Core)
MIML 7125: Procurement and Facilities Management (Core)
MIML 7126: Occupational Safety Health and Work Environment (Core)
MIML 7127: Research Workshop II (Basic)
Year Two Semester One
MIML 7211: Research Workshop III:  Computer Application in Research
MIML 7212: Research Workshop IV: Data Presentation & analysis 
Proposal writing
Year Two Semester Two
MIML 7221: Research Workshop V: Research Report writing
Dissertation writing

Fees Structure



Tuition (Per Semester)


Application (Paid when Applying)


Registration (Functional Fee)


Examination (Functional Fee)


Development (Functional Fee)


NCHE Fee (Click NCHE for Instructions)


Guild (Functional Fee)


Library (Functional Fee)


Journal (Functional Fee)


Identity (Functional Fee)


All level managers in Private and Public Organizations, Academics, College Principals, Teachers, trainers and tutors in public and private education institutions, Organizational Development analysts and consultants, and Members of Governing boards in government and Private Institutions.

Target Group

Requirements Needed to Apply

The Basic Requirements for the whole process include:

  • An email address and contact number
  • Your Academic Documents to pick Key details like Award Institution, Index Number for O and A level, year of award, etc.
  • A Laptop/Computer with a Stable Internet Connection
  • Click to access Guideline for the Online Application
  • Note that a PDF Document (With all Qualifications) is attached after submitting the form
  • The Payment (40,000 UGX) is made after Attaching the Documents