The Pursuance of the MDGs among University Academics in Botswana

During the UN General Assembly 2000, world leaders issued the Millennium Declaration, which led to the formulation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), seeking  to make the world a better place by 2015. Even though universities have a specific and major role to play towards achievement of the MDGs, the training component of the project that focused on Capacity Building in higher institutions of learning in Botswana indicated that most of the Lecturers do not consciously include MDGs in their curricula even though they usually refer to them in the lectures. There is limited concentration on the MDGs in the two institutions (i.e. University of Botswana and Botswana College of Agriculture).

As a result of limited concentration on the MDGs, there is equally limited action-research on the same. This basically calls for Lecturers in the two institutions to align their curricula to societal needs reflected in the MDGs. It is also imperative for the MDGs to be popularised in institutions of higher learning in Botswana as they fulfil their traditional roles as the highest levels for teaching, research, consultancy and outreach designed to improve the lives of humanity.

This policy brief proposes four policy options that can be help realise this goal, i.e. a) Incorporate MDGs in the curriculum and course content b) publication and communication on MDG related subjects, c) conduct MDG oriented advisory and outreach programmes and d) establishment of think tanks to engage other actors on the

2021 - 2022


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