Policy Briefs and Papers

Policy Briefs and Papers

UMI sets out to increase its relevance and uptake of its researches in policy formulation and management. One way of doing so is to develop, policy briefs.  A policy brief is a report targeted at Policy Makers, providing a practical, implementable, and comprehensive outcome of research prepared for the understanding of potential policy makers. 

UMI through its policy researches, public policy dialogues and applied research projects has developed short, well-written, and well-designed policy messages, presented in ways that policymakers can absorb quickly and utilize.

Some of the policy briefs developed includes:


Bloster Trade -Trade Policy

Monday, 16 April 2018 08:49 Download Published in Policy Briefs and Papers
Uganda has substantial trading potential and opportunities in her domestic, regional and international markets. However, most traders in Uganda, especially…

Challenges of Policy Implementation

Monday, 16 April 2018 08:43 Download Published in Policy Briefs and Papers
For many poor countries, especially in Africa, decision-making and policy formulation appear to be the easier job. Moving from policy…

Can the Nation -Trade Policy

Friday, 13 April 2018 12:32 Download Published in Policy Briefs and Papers
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) form the bedrock of most economies. They are recognized worldwide, as engines of growth…

The Pursuance of the MDGs among University Academics in Botswana

Thursday, 08 August 2013 09:30 Download Published in Policy Briefs and Papers
During the UN General Assembly 2000, world leaders issued the Millennium Declaration, which led to the formulation of the Millennium…

Public Sector Reforms in Africa: What Lessons have we Learnt?

Thursday, 08 August 2013 09:14 Download Published in Policy Briefs and Papers
Several public sector reforms (PSR) have taken place in Africa over the last few decades with varying degrees of success;…

Critical Success factors in Global Partnerships

Thursday, 08 August 2013 08:52 Download Published in Policy Briefs and Papers
Following the United Nations (UN) global conferences of the 1990s that enlisted and indeed came up with some major international…

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