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Masters Degree in Education Administration and Human Resource Development(MEAHD)

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A Master’s Degree in Education Administration and Human Resource Development (MEAHD) is an attempt to bring together core competences required of an educational leader, manager, administrator, facilitator, instructor and classroom teacher or lecturer. Many times, academic and professional programmes tend to be isolated from the main stream and instead focus on specific areas of study, which leads to knowledge seekers jumping from one programme to another looking for a ‘one size fits all’ Programme of study. This proposed Master’s in Education Administration and HRD degree is aimed to prepare educational leaders who promote participants’ learning, professional and organizational learning as well as develop the human resources that work in those institutions in order to address challenges and exploit opportunities inherent in a changing world.


The world is undergoing dramatic and unprecedented changes in this age of increased globalization and need for knowledge. Today, a country’s competitiveness and development potential depends on how effective educational institutions are administered and how its human resources is developed and managed. Many times, educational administrators are good at administrative roles and responsibilities, but scrawny at managing and developing their critical resources – the people - because of their gigantic nature. Many education-related programmes have concentrated on theoretical aspects. This programme blends both the theoretical and practical aspects and it aims at creating this balance which is uncommon in programmes – not only in the region, but globally. The programme therefore, establishes a balance between academic emphasis, administration, employee development and workplace relevance, by preparing individuals to sharpen their understanding of human resources concepts and enhancing their training and development skills.


The programme is premised on the fact that the education profession must be composed of knowledgeable, skilled, and committed leaders who operate from a strong value base - with a human touch. Educational administration consists of Human elements, Material elements, Ideas and principles are the dynamic side of education. This emphasis of human resource development recognizes the fact that without this effort, the other resources will be adamant. Unlike many other educational programmes that emphasize “teaching”, “learning” and “administration”, this programme combines the administration and management of all educational resources but with a strong emphasis on developing the human resources in those educational institutions. Therefore, this Masters in Education Administration and HRD is judicious. Many educational institutions have concentrated on administration of educational resources and ignored the most important component


– “The growth of people” who work in those organizations and enable them excel. It is important to recognize that as these resources are managed, their professional and personal development should be at the helm of the agenda. Human Resource Development therefore, is aimed at bettering the performance of individuals, groups and organizations.


Course Objectives

To bring together core competences required of an educational leader, manager, administrator, facilitator, instructor and classroom teacher or lecturer. 

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Course Code



2 Years

Tuition Fees

Ug.shs.4,150,000 per year

Venue and Time

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Teaching Method

The Masters Degree in Education Administration and Human Resource Development Programme will be run on a modular system.


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