The Chief Guest, Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanya, the Speaker of Parliament
The Hon. Minister for State for Higher Education and Sports,
The Chancellor of Uganda Management Institute,
Hon Ministers,
Permanent Secretaries,
Honorable Members of Parliament,
The Head of Public Service,
Chairperson and Members of UMI Governing Council,
Distinguished Guests in your respective capacities,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Rt. Hon Speaker you’re most welcome to Uganda management Institute.  Am most delighted to have you at my first Convocation as Chancellor of UMI.  Hon Minister of Education and Sports welcome home.  I take this opportunity to congratulate our graduands here today. Like the Director General says, these are extremely untoward times, the fact that you stayed the course and today you physically and virtually graduate is a great reward to an undying spirit. To the Governing Council, Management and Staff of UMI you have done yourselves proud for not throwing your hands in the air during the crisis of the pandemic but soldiering on to see out these most deserving graduands. I am very pleased to hear the Director General speak of the Institute’s enviable capacity to continue training leadership and Management Capacity no matter the Circumstances.
Rt. Hon Speaker, we are living in much untold times, it is imperative for the Parliament to look at the unusual times and legislate for the needs of the time. Researchers at UMI – I ask of you, “What are the implications of the new working from home phenomenal? When workers operate from home, what does it mean to their health, who is responsible for the quality of working environment at home? How has working from home affected the workers’ health, social interaction, team work only to mention? What are the economic, governance, administrative or social advantages of this new normal or what are its challenges? Researchers, the many PhD’s here at UMI, please guide the Country in this research and advise. When the legislature sits virtually does the Speaker reduce operational costs? Is the quality of debate better or impaired? I challenge the researchers here at UMI to dig into these fields and ensure that we make studied decisions not just a forage into oblivion.
I have heard of the anti-corruption studies Centre at the Institute and I would like to commend the Institute for this.  I however, would like to challenge the Director General to cooperate with the whole The Justice, Law and Order Sector not just Parliament, IGG and the office of the Auditor General. A lot of Research in Academia remains in the books, my challenge to UMI is ensure to disseminate your findings in consumable bits not just Academic treatise. Ensure those supposed to implement your research findings know of these and follow up to be proud of your impact in Society. The Institute Policy dialogues should not be mere talk shops among self-ingratiating Academics, include the public and target Consumers of your findings.
I have heard the Director General describe Commencement of the Institute’s grand Estates Master plan and I am Impressed it’s not just aimed at building huge white elephants but a brick in a journey to self- sustenance. Rt. Hon Speaker when the Institute budget is presented to the Parliament, this will be a major cost centre that we will seek a kind eye and generous hand at allocation in the legislature. Rt. Hon Speaker I request that the UMI grand building, with the biggest convention Centre planned for East Africa becomes a firm project of the Speaker of the Uganda Parliament in the budget process.  With your kind eye and word Hon Speaker, alongside the firm commitment we have from H.E the President on this project’s funding, we can only wait to invite you for the ground breaking Ceremony.
Director General, Graduands and the UMI Community, as your Chancellor, I would like to see the Institute become meaningful in the lives of our Communities. A University, especially a Public one, must be palpable in the lives of the Communities it serves.  The branches in Gulu, Mbarara, and Mbale should have a discernable impact on the lives of the neighbours of the Institute, the districts in which the Institute has branches should have measurable Community impact Courtesy of the presence of UMI in those places.
Director General, I would like to challenge UMI to do critical study into the character of the national workforce against the needs of the times. What are the things we are good at and what are the things we could do better as a country.
I challenge the graduands here today to always return to your alma mater and be of value to it. We need to hear of an Alumni foundation initiative solving economic and social challenges. The convocations need to show deep societal and community engagements and understanding.
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