1.          How long does each level take?

Each level may take an average of two sessions averaged at seven months. Upon completion of each level the Participants is offered a Diploma by CIPS, for example Ordinary Diploma in Procurement and Supply (Level 4), Advanced Diploma In Procurement and Supply upon completion of level 5, and Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply  upon completion of Level 6.

 Average time for the entire course is 2 and half years. There are 15 papers to sit spread at three levels  with 5 papers offered at all respective levels.


How long does the entire course up to professional level take?  

Average time is 2 and half years. There are 15 papers to sit spread at three levels with 5 papers offered. 


How much is it per level? Including all additional fees.

 There are two sets of fees payable:

 a)       CIPS UK through British Council (BC)

  • 100 pounds application and membership upon filling an Africa Application form obtainable at (BC) and attaching minimum qualification of Uganda A ‘level Certificate of Education with two principal passes
  • 78 pounds charged as examination fees per paper.

*This does not include fees payable to UMI




b)      UMI Fees

  • UGX 40,000 sessional admission fee. We run three sessions in a year  (February-May, May-July,    August-November)
  • UGX 300,000 tuition fees charged per paper.


How different is it from the diploma to master’s route that UMI has been offering? Are they the same?

No. If you wish to practice, employers are looking for professional qualifications and CIPS offers that. Other UMI procurement programmes are considered as being academic qualifications. A post graduate Diploma and Masters from UMI may be required by employers if you aspire to grow in leadership positions, an ideal aspiration as well.


When are the applications due? Any time before intake months or there is some sort of advert?

We are currently receiving applications for those interested in sitting May 2019 Exams.


When can I register?

You register with the British Council and UMI. Participants will be registered on a First Come First Serve basis.


Can one be awarded a Masters of Procurement upon completion of all the three levels?

No.   You will be awarded 3 diplomas (Foundation Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diplomas in Procurement and supply)


When are lectures ran?

 Our lectures are spread out from Monday to Friday (All levels) Saturday to Sunday (Level 4)




Working Days

8:30am to 1:00pm


6:00pm- 9:00pm



9:00am to 5:00pm



*Working Days- 6:00pm- 9:00pm





When is your next intake?

Study Sessions

Start Dates

End Dates

February to May

1st February

15th May

May to July

15th May

15th July

August to November

1st August

15th November



You should endeavor to seek admission by applying to CIPS UK through the British Council Kamwokya and thereafter visit the institute for modalities associated with lectures. 


Who qualifies for this type of course?

Anyone who has successfully completed Secondary Level of Education with two principal passes.


How many exam sitting sessions are there in a year?

There are three sittings and are held in May, July, November


When are CIPS training sessions ran at UMI?

February 1st for May Exams, May 20th for July Exams and 1st August for November exams.

When must I register to study for any of the sessions above?

It is recommended that you register to study and pay all dues payable a month before the start of any training session at UMI.


Where else can I get help or assistance?

Studying at UMI
Contact:   Course Coordinator
Tel: +256702666602/+256702563593
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Plot 44-52, Jinja Road, P.O Box 20131 Kampala, Uganda. Telephone: +256-312 721 000, +256-417 891 000, +256 752 259 722. Emailadmin@umi.ac.ug