March 22, 2023

UMI Enters Partnership with The Kosovo Institute of Public Administration

UMI and KIPA have signed an MOU to corporate on training research and consultancy. KIPA was represented by the Kosovo Minister for Foreign affairs Dr Bardhyl Dobra while Dr James Nkata signed for UMI.  KIPA is the Public Sector trainer for Kosovo and they are reaching out to similar but particularly very credible institutions.

James Nkata speaking at the signing affirmed UMI’s attention to detail and quality management. He said the Institute does due diligence of all partnerships entered at any time. He said KIPA will allow UMI to push her interntionsation agenda and will spur capacity and research. DR Nkata looks forward to staff and student exchanges, joint research and consultancy alongside international supervisions. He also looks forward to joint projects with KIPAM.

Dr Bardhyl Dobra on his turn noted that UMI was a standout in reputation and very credible. He said in Africa KIPA signed an MOU with Stellenbosch University in SA and that these partnerships are very deliberately thought through. KIPA looks forward to the collaboration to enhance the public Sector in both countries and Institutions. “It is not by chance that we sign with UMI, it is about quality and the progress.  I was part of the UMI accreditation for ICAPA and am proud to relate with UMI”
Dr Dobra noted that UMI has quality and heritage for the last 50yrs.He also said KIPA is also going through a transition and he believes UMI will be of value in their trudge. Kosovo is in Europe and is yet to be a member of the EU, though the Journey to this has started. UMI will certainly benefit from a partnership as KIPA has a lot of access to strategic opportunities that can be dually and mutually beneficial to the partners.

Dr Dobra invited UMI researchers to an international conference due in December 2022 in Kosovo. He also noted that it will be a good opportunity to launch an annual North to South conference run by UMI and KIPA.  Here UMI can pitch for international reach with various global partners. He asked UMI staff to look forward to and benchmark on various international education investments. KIPA committed to producing quality for the partnership and that there shall be growth in other fields both for country and individual institutions.  DR Dobra noted very specific interest in the UMI anti-corruption studies centre.  He proposed a tripartite partnership with Stellenbosch University UMI and KIPA. 

Dr Dobra closed off by highlighting an enterprise resource management system for equitable resource utilisation. He noted Kosovo footprint in digital management and their race towards 95% digitisation of government services, on this he said UMI would benefit immensely in benchmarking. He said the ICT sphere is heavily challenged with cyber security issues and Kosovo is developing a cyber-security capacity at KIPA to look out for the country and it is a good point for UMI to walk in now and benefit through learning at the highest level.

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