Diploma in Records Management & Information Science


The Diploma in Records Management and Information Science is an interdisciplinary post-experience programme which is concerned with the collection, classification, analysis, manipulation, storage, retrieval, movement, dissemination, and protection of information. The programme comprises modules that are covered over a period of two years (four semesters) for Day, Evening, Weekend and Distance Learning respectively and each module carries 45 credit units (CUs) with the exception of the Introduction to Records Management and Registry Procedures and internship which carries 60 (CUs) and 75 (CUs) respectively. Participants are required to undertake internship and prepare a internship and research report which is examined both internally and externally. The internship period helps the participants to gain practical experience in real work situations and be able to identify records management related problems and recommend solutions for rectifying such problems. Each of the first three semesters has four modules and the final semester is dedicated to research and internship. Finally, this Diploma emphasizes on how information can be effectively and efficiently managed in Registries, Records Centers and Archives.

Admissions Requirements

As per the National QA Framework (NCHE, 2008), the minimum admission requirements are:

  • Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes; and
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with 1 principle pass and 2 subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.
  • A one-year academic Certificate and/or a 2-year academic Certificate from an Institution recognized by NCHE
  • Mature Age examination certificate: applicants shall be required to have scored at least 50% in a relevant Mature Age Examination from a mature age centre recognized by NCHE within 2 years from when it was last sat. Applicants must be at least 25 years of age.
  • Relevant high education certificate: applicants shall be required to have obtained at least a credit in a relevant high education certificate or bridging programme certificate obtained from higher education institutions recognized by NCHE

Program Details

Year One Semester One

DRMIS 5111: Introduction to Records management and Registry procedures
DRMIS 5112: Business Communications Skills
DRMIS 5113: Supervisory Skills Development
DRMIS 5114: Information Technology Applications

Year One Semester Two

DRMIS 5121: Data base Management Systems
DRMIS 5122: Legal and Policy aspects in Records Works
DRMIS 5123: Management of Electronic Records
DRMIS 5124: Management of Records Centres

Year Two Semester One

DRMIS 5211: Document Preservation and Conservation
DRMIS 5212: Basic Library Operations
DRMIS 5213: Archives Administrations
DRMIS 5214: Basic Financial Management and Budgeting

Year Two Semester Two

DRMIS 5221: Basic Research Methods
DRMIS 5222: Internship

Fees Structure





Application (Paid when Applying)


Registration (Functional Fee)


Examination (Functional Fee)


Development (Functional Fee)


NCHE Fee (Click NCHE for Instructions)


Guild (Functional Fee)


Library (Functional Fee)


Journal (Functional Fee)


Identity (Functional Fee)


The programme targets current and prospective record managers in public, private and NGO sectors. However, it specifically targets the current and potential records employees in various sectors.

Target Group

Requirements Needed to Apply

The Basic Requirements for the whole process include:

  • An email address and contact number
  • Your Academic Documents to pick Key details like Award Institution, Index Number for O and A level, year of award, etc.
  • A Laptop/Computer with a Stable Internet Connection
  • Click to access Guideline for the Online Application
  • Note that a PDF Document (With all Qualifications) is attached after submitting the form
  • The Payment (40,000 UGX) is made after Attaching the Documents