Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport


Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, whose core objective is to advance knowledge and professionalism in logistics, transport and supply chain management is mandated by the government of the United Kingdom. CILT has had experience of 92 years in offering professional courses using an integrated, regular, open, distant learning and recently on-line models. The memorandum of understanding between the Uganda Management Institute (UMI) and CILT is to offer professional courses in transport and logistics.

Uganda Management Institute in conjunction with Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is pleased to invite prospective applicants to enroll in the CILT programmes with an objective of acquiring Proffessional Logistics and Transport Personnel. In the course content the students attempts 3 Examination comprising of which 2 core units, and then have a choice of 1 unit from a selection of ten optional subjects.

International Professional Certificate in Logistics & Transport

M1-L3: Business Theory (Mandatory)
M2-L3: Business Application (Mandatory)

Optional Modules
O1-L3: Warehousing
O2-L3: Inventory
O3-L3: Passenger Transport Operations
O4-L3: Procurement
O5-L3: Freight Transport Operations
O7-L3: Supply Chain Operations
O8-L3: Transport Planning
O9-L3: Green Logistics
O10-L3: Global Logistics
O11-L3: Port Operations

International Diploma in Logistics and Transport

PD01: Management in Logistics and Transport (Mandatory)

PD02: Supply Chain Management (Elective)
PD03: Transport Operations (Elective)
PD04: Transport Planning (Elective)

Optional Modules
PD05: Inventory 
PD06: Movement of Goods
PD07: Movement of People
PD08: Production
PD09: Retail Logistics 
PD10: Sourcing and Procurement
PD11: Transport Planning Techniques 
PD12: Transport and Society 
PD13: Warehousing
PD14: International Business 
PD15: Project Management
PD16: Supply Chain Flow Planning 
PD17: Supply Chain Network Planning

Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport

This advanced course is primarily aimed at developing strategic decision-making skills in logistics and transportation. The course contains 4 modules.

  • AD01: Strategic Context
  • AD02: Leadership and Strategic Management
  • AD03: Strategic Network planning
  • AD04: Delivering Strategic Performance
  • AD05: Research Methodology and Project

CILT Programme Details

Admissions Requirements

  1. Avail your detailed CV and One Passport Size Photograph (Recent)
  2. Avail your certified Academic transcripts/any other academic documents
  3. Be an Affiliate Student Member of the Uganda Management Institute Branch by paying UGX. 300,000= to CILT Uganda.
  4. Pay CILT International student registration fee annually as below at UMI.
  5. Acquire a laptop plus internet access using any of the following: modem, Mi-Fi, Wi-Fi or router to enable you access online resources.
  6. Some books may be required to be procured by you, however online resources are also available
  7. Attendance of classes are mandatory as per time table – 75% attendance is required by UMI
  8. Sign an admission letter for UMI admission – to be secured from the Administrative Assistant Professional courses RM KB 3.9
  9. Determining the level to which the candidate will start at will be made by the CILT Board – Kalebbo, Room 1.9

Fees Structure

All Particpants
– UGX 300,000/= paid to CILT UGANDA (Annual Local Fee)
– UGX 40,000 (Admission Fee)
– UGX 150,000 per Paper (Examination Fee)
For the Proffessional Certificate Course Fees
– UGX 1,050,000 (350,000 @ Paper x 3 Papers)
– UGX 950,000 (International Registration Fees)
For the International Diploma Course Fees
– UGX 2,000,000 (400,000 @ Paper x 5 Papers)
– UGX 1,100,000 (International Registration Fees)
For the Advanced Diploma Course Fees
– UGX 3,000,000 (500,000 @ Paper x 6 Papers)
– UGX 1,250,000 (International Registration Fees)

Target Group

This Course is aimed at Logistics and Transport Officers/ managers

Contact Person for CILT Admissions

CILT Coordinator, Uganda Management Institute
Plot 44-52 Jinja, Road, P.O. box 20131,
Kampala, Uganda, Kalebbo block (Room 3.9),
Tel No: +256 312 721362