UMI Alumni Association

Uganda Management Institute Alumni Association (UMIAA) was formed in 2002 with an intention of bringing together all the old students / participants of Uganda Management Institute in order to maintain their identity and to harness their efforts in fostering the interests of the institute.


A well organized association with all its members having the zeal to contribute to the fulfillment of the institute vision.


To mobilize all the Alumni to contribute to the enhancement of the intellectual and material well-being of UMI.


To promote strong, collaboration between the Alumni and UMI establishment in developing sustainable management capacity in World Wide Communities.

Other Facts for the Alumni


The Graduates of the institute are now some of the prominent Administrators and professionals not only in Uganda but Worldwide. The expertise and influence they have acquired over time, if well tapped, can create a great impact in fostering the programme of the institute, especially now that it is going through a lot of transformation.

  1. To foster and encourage the spirit of good relationship between the old and current students / participants and the establishment of the institute.
  2. To serve as a functional link between all Alumni Worldwide and participate in matters affecting the institute.
  3. To promote a spirit of institutional ownership loyalty and life long commitment to the institute.
  4. To embark and engage in any other activities
  5. To interact and share experience and expertise between Alumni to also enable members make new contacts and to keep in touch with the institute
  6. To promote the institute’s social focus and network spirit.
  7. To mobilize financial and physical support alumni for the growth of the institute.
  • Mobilizing and registering all the Alumni. This will be done through the media, various for a at the institute, communications to institutions where some of the Alumni are employed and positive information to the institute website, plus making physical visits to some alumni.
  • Linking the Alumni to the institute and vice-versa and promoting a spirit of institutional ownership.
  • This will be done through establishing an Alumni office at the institute and maintaining a contact person in this office, publishing and distributing regular Newsletters to all the members, keeping members informed about the key events and development at the institute.
  • To interlink and share experiences and expertise between the Alumni and to promote the institute social focus and network spirit. This will be done through organizing symposia / seminars, get together functions and production and distribution of magazines.
  • To mobilize financial and physical support for the growth of the institute. This will be done through donations and fundraisings. The strategy will be to identify a project / projects where the Alumni could participate such that the costs are established and the association mobilizes its members to contribute.
Proposed Deliverables
  1. An interim register of the alumni.
  2. A draft constitution – the document which will bind the members of the Alumni association and regulate their actions.
  3. An alumni office with a contact person and key information about the institute accessible to all Alumni.
  4. Circulating information about the association and popularizing it using various channels: physical contacts, print media, radio and TV, letters employing authorities.
  5. Visiting prominent alumni.
  6. Mobilizing all members to attend the general meeting.
Contact Person

Dr. Adrian Beinebyabo
The President
Uganda Management Institute Alumni Association
Plot 44-52, Jinja Road,
P.O Box 20131 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256417789325 | +256772 404715

Executive Members

Dr. Adrian Bainebyabo
Alumni President
Carol Mugide
Vice President
Cinderella Awor
Micheal Mwenyi
Tonny Kasiita
Assistant Treasurer
Mwesigwa Shafati
Assistant Secretary
Gloria Atamba
Mbarara Representative
Faridah Nakato
Kampala Representative
SP. Jackson Mucunguzi
Kampala EXTRA
Judith Acayo
Gulu Representative
Sam Paddy Khauka
Mbale Representative