May 30, 2023

Accreditation Status of Programmes at Uganda Management Institute

Management has noted with concern the publication in the press and social media in relation to the Institutes’ accreditation status of its programmes and wishes to state that Uganda Management Institute closely monitors the accreditation status of its programmes and ensures that applicants are admitted on programmes whose accreditation status is active.

To maintain the quality and relevance of its programmes Uganda Management Institute in line with our Mission “to develop practical and sustainable administration, leadership and Management Capacity of all sectors; reviews its programmes as per the NCHE quality guideline. This to ensure that the programmes are relevant, meet and address the current job market demand and the national development agenda as outlined in the National Development Plan Three (NDPIII). UMI therefore wishes to clarify as follows: –

  1. UMI does not admit students on programmes that are not accredited by NCHE
  2. Currently UMI has a total of thirty-nine (39)
  3. Twenty-seven programmes are accredited by NCHE
  4. Eleven (11) out of the thirty-nine (39) accredited programmes are under review have been updated and submitted for re-accreditation. No admissions have been done on these programmes.
  5. One programme (1) is still under internal review at the Institute. Therefore, No admissions have therefore been done.
  6. All the programmes that have been reviewed and sent to NCHE for re-accreditation will have admissions done after programme accreditation has been granted by NCHE.
  7. The UMI Branches of Mbarara, Gulu and Mbale conduct and use the same curriculum for programmes as accredited in Kampala.

We would like to appreciate National Council for Higher Education for updating and reflecting our true position on their website

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