School of Distance Learning & Information Technology

The school of Distance Learning and Information Technology is mandated to develop management capacity at all levels through distance learning and information technology training programmes.

Its is composed of two departments; Department of Distance Learning and Information Technology

Information Technology Department ITD

Distance Learning Department DLD

General Information

The Distance Learning Department is in charge of running distance learning programmes. Within the department, the Training Officer is the Programme Manager who coordinates these programmes including addressing participants’ queries, complaints, handling coursework flow, remedial teaching, and communication on examination-related issues.

Each module has a module leader whose responsibilities include responding to your queries sent through any relevant electronic or non electronic means, and copied to the Programme Manager. The module leader is also responsible for setting and marking course works and examinations, especially where the examination sat for is different from that of the face-to face participants. The module leader works closely with the Programme Manager to ensure that feedback on coursework and examinations is passed on to you in a timely manner.

The programme is composed of fourteen modules in total classified as follows: four basic modules, Six core modules and four elective modules out of which you are expected to select and sit for two modules. This makes a total of twelve modules that you must complete to qualify for award of a Postgraduate Diploma of Uganda Management Institute.

The minimum completion time for the programme is two years and the maximum completion time is four years with each year being divided into two semesters. You will cover up to a maximum of three modules per semester on each first attempt but up to a maximum of four modules if one is retaking some modules. Retaking any module attracts extra cost which can be got from the Institute Registrar’s office or Accounts Office.

Enrolment and registration

The admissions requirements for the distance learning programmes are the same as the requirements for the face-to-face Institute programmes.  The Institute Registrar’s office may from time to time change the admissions requirements with the necessary approval of the relevant organs of the Institute. These requirements will be communicated to you at the time of application.

When you are admitted on a distance learning programme, you will present your academic credentials and any other relevant information to the Institute Registrar’s office for registration within the first week of the semester. The registration process will follow the same conditions regarding fees payment as all the other programmes offered at the Institute. After registration, you will be briefed about the Programme in terms of your role and responsibility as a participant and the role and responsibility of the Institute, the Programme duration, the relevant output dates and the deliverables such as when to submit coursework, examinations dates, among others. You will also be advised on how to contact the module coordinators and the overall Programme/Course manager for Distance Learning Programmes. Before you leave the Institute, you will be provided with the distance learning programme guidelines and the relevant module readers for that semester.

During the same week, you will attend face-to-face sessions for the modules to be covered during the semester. These face-to-face sessions will be conducted for a maximum of six hours a day. During the face-to-face session, you will be introduced to the Programme Manager and module leaders, and provided with their contact details. You will be informed about the communication channels available to reach them regarding all issues on the programmes and the Institute. You will also be informed about the coursework questions to be attempted and how and when you are expected to submit your coursework.

At the beginning of each Semester, you will visit any of the UMI centres (Kampala, Mbarara, Gulu or Mbale) of your convenience or as communicated to you. Upon presenting proof of fees payment, you will be registered by the Institute Registrar’s Office.

After the registration and the face-to-face session you will study on your own using the provided module reading materials including the reader, the recommended reading list and any other relevant literature that may guide you in the learning process. During this period, you will through appropriate electronic communication channels seek for assistance from the various module leaders with the help of the designated Programme Manager.  Distance learning participants are not allowed to attend the regular class lectures for the other Institute programmes.

At the end of the semester, you will convene (either at UMI, Kampala or any other Centre as will be communicated during the face to face period) for a period of one week to sit for the end of semester examinations.

Feedback on performance in the coursework and examinations will be provided by the designated Programme Manager.  Coursework submission deadlines have to be strictly adhered to.

Remedial Lectures

Remedial voluntary lectures in all modules will be organised at the request of participants. The remedial lectures shall be organised following a request supported by at least 12 participants. The lectures will be conducted from any of the UMI centres only during day time for strictly one week per module and will be for a maximum of 15 hours in total following five sessions of 3 hours every day. The remedial lectures will require each participant to pay an equivalent of 5% of the programme tuition fees and the same amount shall be paid for each module a participant enrols for on the remedial lectures until communication regarding change in fees is provided.

These sessions will be open to all registered participants until a review is undertaken to decide otherwise.


Participants will attempt two standard course works and one final examination per module. The coursework will follow the standard of the Institute currently contributing 40 out of 100 to the final examination score and the examination contributing 60 out of 100 to the final examination score.

Participants will receive their coursework during the face-to-face period with information on when and how to submit the coursework when completed.


Whenever possible, participants on the distance learning Programmes shall sit for the same examinations as those on the other programmes, i.e. evening, weekend or any other relevant admissions. Where this is not possible, the examinations for distance learning programmes shall be written on the dates communicated to participants during the face-to-face period. All examinations shall initially be written at the Kampala Campus until such a time when it is possible for them to attempt online examinations.

Feedback on the examinations performance shall be provided by the Institute Registrar’s office after results are approved by Senate. You will also be provided a copy of the Institute’s Assessment and Examination Regulations and Guidelines.