Top Management Team


Dr James Luyonga Nkata



The Uganda Management Institute (UMI) started in 1969. It started a Management Development Institute (MDI), then known as the Institute of Public Administration. It has gone through various transformations to what it is right now.

 In 2004, UMI was elevated to a degree-granting institution by an act of Parliament. However, UMI remained an MDI. What this means is that it was able to grant degrees while continuing with its mandate of offering short courses leading to the award of certificates and diplomas.

 With these two mandates, the UMI was restructured into four schools; the School of Business and Management; the School of Public Administration, Public Service and Governance; the School of Distance Learning as well as the School of Management Sciences.

 The School of Management Sciences performs the degree granting function, awarding PhDs, Masters’ degrees and postgraduate diplomas. The other three perform the original function of IPA, training and awarding certificates and diplomas.

 We have also grown in two ways; in enrolment and financially. Since 2009, our budget has grown from Shs 6bn to Shs 30bn. However, the growth has come with challenges. These are challenges associated with increased expectations. We are dealing with these challenges in a constructive way by engaging our online platforms as well as our offline functions.

 The UMI stands alone in ensuring quality, in its service. Secondly, the mode of delivery is hands-on. Participants come here to learn to put into practice what has been learned. Our motto is we empower you to excel.

Dr James Luyonga Nkata holds a PhD in Higher Education Management and Planning, Masters in Management Sciences and Postgraduate diploma in Management Sciences, all from Makerere University.





Dr Saturninus Kasozi-Mulindwa
Director of Programmes and Students’ Affairs

I’m in charge of the development and delivery of all programmes at the institute and my job requires me to ensure quality is maintained in all services. I work to ensure that all the participants coming to the UMI obtain value for their money through quality services, so they obtain the required skills and competencies.

I’m also in charge of staff development, so they have all the required exposure and competencies so they can deliver the programmes as expected. Shortly, we shall have the highest PhD student ratio in the country. What we can guarantee that once you join the UMI you will get the required competencies and skills to do your job better, after you graduate.
Dr Kasozi-Mulindwa holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking) from Makerere, ACCA (UK), Postgraduate diploma in Urban Development, a Master of Development Finance (Birmingham), as well as a PhD in Business Administration (Birmingham). He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Accountants of Uganda.






John Nakabago
Director of Finance and Administration, Secretary to the UMI Governing Council


My job requires me to ensure the financial sustainability of the institute. This includes ensuring the efficient utilization of our resources, financial human resources of ICT. When you come to UMI, you will find that my office operates an open door policy.

We can guarantee that we will spare no effort to facilitate the most flexible options for your stakeholders to meet their obligations without worry, by using our dedicated online portals and in-house staff.
Nakabago holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking) and an MBA from Makerere. He is presently a PhD student at Northwest University in South Africa





Dr Mary B Muhenda
Academic Registrar

This is the heart of the institution in terms of examining and graduating participants. We ensure that we do everything possible to ensure that the qualification you receive from the UMI is worth the name. This involves employing rigorous measures right from admission to graduation.

However, we can assure prospective participants that they can be assured of value for their money. Above all, UMI is an amazing opportunity for networking, as you get to meet some of the most influential people in Uganda.
Dr Muhenda holds a BA Social Sciences from Makerere; a postgraduate diploma in Reports and Information Management; a postgraduate diploma in Information Systems; a Masters in Information Systems from the University of London, as well as a PhD from the University of Science in Malaysia.





Rose Kwatampora-Oguttu
Head of Department – Projects and Marketing



I head a department that has two units charged with managing all UMI projects and another tasked with marketing UMI services. As an external stakeholder, we can assure you that we are equipped to provide you with the best support, ranging from coordinating all consultancies, such as recruitment, developing strategic plans for various organizations, as well as evaluation. We also coordinate all projects at UMI, including the ADB V project (worth $5m), the Dutch funded project (worth 3.6m Euro) and the Global Partnership on Education (worth Shs 16bn).

Kwatampora-Oguttu holds a Bsc Economics from Makerere, a Masters degree in Humanitarian and Refugee studies (Ibadan, Nigeria), two postgraduate diplomas from UMI - Financial Management and Project Management. She is also a PhD student at Northwest University in South Africa.  




Dr Proscovia Namubiru-Sentamu
Head of Department - Quality Assurance


I have held this portfolio since 2010. My areas of interest include quality assurance at higher education levels. I’m a curriculum specialist – designing and evaluating the curriculum used at UMI. My office advises management on which programmes are needed and all quality assurance needs.

I can guarantee that future participants can expect a conducive and vibrant learning environment, with a seasoned facilitator’s team that links theory with practice. You can expect a management that listens to participants and addresses their concerns.
Dr Namubiru-Sentamu holds a Bachelor of Education degree, a Master of Arts in Curriculum Studies from Makerere and another Master of Curriculum degree from the University of London as well as a PhD in Teacher Education from the University of Bayreuth in Germany




Ben Mugerwa

Head of Department - Procurement and Logistics

We handle both the locally developed programmes (Postgraduate diplomas in Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Logistics and Transport Management) and the globally recognized ones from the UK (Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supplies).

Our department has posted the best pass rates for these programmes in East and Central Africa, which is why the UMI is greatly commended. I have more than 25 commendation letters from international organizations that are pleased with our graduates.

Ben Mugerwa holds a Chartered Institute of Marketing from the UK and is the coordinator of the programme in Uganda. He also holds a Bachelor of Statistics from Makerere. He is presently a PhD student at Northwest University in South Africa.