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General Info

Welcome the Uganda Management Institute (UMI) Library and Documentation Department (LDD) portal or webpage. It is a new interface in our effort to automate the library services and have unlimited web-presence to our users.

Through this page, you can get most, if not all the information about the services provided by the department. You will also be able to access the UMI library online public access catalogue (OPAC) and all the electronic information sources and resources available to us. Above all, we have professional and dedicated staff that are always willing to serve you whenever you approach them for guidance.


The UMI library existed since 1969 when UMI started operating at the current premise as Uganda Institute of Public Administration (UIPA). It has grown steadily and currently it comprises of the main library and five sections, three of which are located off campus at the UMI centres of Mbarara, Gulu and Mbale. The main library is on the ground floor of the administration block - room 21

In addition, UMI library services also houses The National Documentation Center (NDC), established by "The Deposit Library and Documentation Centre Act, 1969” as a national reference. In this capacity, the NDC is a legal depository of all works published in Uganda, by Ugandans and about Uganda and therefore, has national value. The NDC collection include government publications, newspapers, parliamentary debates, acts and statutes, special collection of UMI research outputs, some archival materials, manuscripts and photographic materials, … etc. These unique collections are preserved and provide access to the national imprint for posterity


Mandate of the LDD is to collect, organize, store and disseminate information resources that facilitates the deliverance of UMI’s mandate to provide management training, consultancy and research services to strengthen the management capabilities

of Uganda’s public, private and civil society sectors and beyond


The LDD falls under the directorate of Corporate Governance. In line with the UMI vision “to be a world class management development institute”, the department’s vision is – to be the leading provider of relevant and latest information resources which propels the UMI training, research and consultancy activities to a world class status


Mission of the LDD is to acquire, organize, preserve and disseminate information resources through the use of latest technology, supported by best practices

Core values

In line with the UMI core values, the LDD core values are: Professionalism, integrity, accountability, equity, customer focus, teamwork, and innovativeness


Let Knowledge grow and thus Human Life be Enriched


The overall aim of the LDD is to collect, organize, store and disseminate relevant and latest information materials to our users in order to uphold the training, consultancy and research services of UMI

Strategic objectives

To fulfill the UMI vision, the following UMI library objectives are formulated that are aligned with some of the overall strategic objectives of the institute:

  • SO 1: to ensure the selection and acquisition of relevant and latest core information materials
  • SO 2: to provide digital content, tools and services to users of the library services
  • SO 3: to professionally process and organize information materials
  • SO 4: to provide professional library user services
  • SO 5: to acquire and improve on the technical competence of staff
  • SO 6: to increase and improve the library facility/infrastructure to UMI standards
  • SO 7: to provide security to information resources and library facilities
  • SO 8: to preserve and conserve information resources
  • SO 9: to establish and sustain partnership with national and international professional bodies
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