School of Business and Management

Uganda Management Institute is a national centre for management training, research and consultancy with the mission to excel in developing sustainable management capacity.  The School of Business and Management was established in 2010 as part of the restructuring process implemented by the Institute.

The School is mandated to build capacity that empowers employees from both the public and private sectors and NGOs to become more competitive through becoming more productive. This is done through developing management capacity at diploma and postgraduate levels and undertaking research and consultancy services in the areas of general management, business and financial management,procurement and supply chain management, and human resources management and development.

The school aims at establishing and maintaining a culture of excellent scholarship in Business Management through promotion world class quality training and research at ordinary diploma level and postgraduate levels. Tailor made programmes offered on request. The cornerstone of training will be based on delivering and applying original business thinking and training, informed by the contemporary environment in which organisations operate. The research and training functions are aptly augmented by consultancy services to provide business and management solutions to a wide range of client organisations.
The School of Business, Productivity and Competitiveness is charged with:

  • Disseminating cutting edge knowledge and skills in business, and productivity enhancement through a number of programmes
  • Promoting high quality business and management training
  • Undertaking consultancy projects in client organisations to provide management solutions to existing and anticipated problems
  • Conducting and disseminating research findings in business and management area aimed at improving the competitiveness of organisations
  • Producing competitive graduates with pre-requisite skills and competencies to solve the workplace problems in a dynamic environment

The School of Business and Management hopes to become a centre of specialized excellence in enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of organisations. It is designed to deliver cutting edge knowledge and skills to equip today’s managers with the capacity to help their organisations meet today’s challenges. This is achieved through provision of a range of management development programmes that touches on every aspect of the organisation.

The school boasts of highly competent facilitators in general management, business and finance management, procurement and logistics management in addition to human resources management. The majority of the facilitators have completed PhD programmes while others are in advanced stages of completion. Specialist competences in respective departments of the school form the basis for the school to believe that it can offer vertical management capacity building to clients of diverse backgrounds. The school’s interventions are mainly in three critical areas of the organisation that form the basis for the four departments. These are:

  1. Human Resource and Organisational Studies (HUROS)
  2. Management Department (MD)
  3. Finance and Accounting Department (FA)
  4. Procurement, Logistics and Marketing Department (PLM)

The School of Business and Management, which effectively commenced in July 2010 constitutes a core component of the Institute. It is charged with the responsibility of training, research and carrying out consultancy with specific focus to the private sector in line with the Institute's dual mandate. In addition all efforts will be geared towards developing programmes address the inter-linkages between all sectors of the society like the public sector, private sector and NGO sector in order to promote their productivity and competitiveness.