Phd Programme


Doctoral of Philosophy - PhD in Management and Administration (Coursework and Dissertation) programme to be offered in the 2016/2017 academic year. Admitted candidates will be expected to start by April 2017.


With the world's increasingly complex problems and resource limitations, there is dire need for scholars who are qualified both to train the next generation of professionals for the public service, private sector and NGOs and to expand society's store of knowledge about management and administration. The nature of management and administrative problems experienced in the world of work today demands high level graduates with extensive theoretical and practical skills. To train these graduates requires academics and researchers with advanced skills at doctoral and post-doctoral levels. The PhD Program in Management and Administration is designed to train such teachers and researchers as well as practitioners with broad knowledge, competencies and skills in management and administration.

The program will be interdisciplinary in its focus especially in the teaching/coursework component. The program curriculum is designed to ensure that all participants:
i.Gain substantial competence in the core management and administrative subject matter and research methodologies that are central for generating new knowledge;
ii.Obtain a firm understanding of the broad intellectual tradition of administration and management;
iii.Become global scholars who can conduct excellent scientific research and consultancy into management and administrative problems and with capacity to organize seminars and workshops that meet international standards;
iv.apply the management and administrative theories to a research problem and write acceptable research proposals and dissertations within the chosen area of specialization; and
v.Apply the acquired knowledge, competencies and skills in writing scholarly papers, books and book chapters, publish in international refereed journals and solve society problems.

The duration of the PhD will be three years. The program consists of an extensive coursework component, followed by doctoral seminars, examinations for the taught parts, compulsory proposal defence before fieldwork and a well-written and defended dissertation with articles worthy publication in an internationally refereed journal. In addition, the course assignments are designed in such a way to involve participants in the enterprise of original thinking partially achieved through writing of scholarly papers worth publishing in internationally recognized refereed journals. This will be a core mode of assessment in all courses instead of relying on tests which encourage cram work as opposed to original thinking that gives permanent knowledge. The taught modules and seminars will help the participants acquire the requisite skills and theoretical knowledge, and develop the intellectual independence necessary to be an effective teacher/researcher and management practitioner. The participants will complete the degree requirements in three (3) years as a minimum and five (5) years as a maximum.

Part One: Taught Component/Coursework
The first five modules are compulsory to all admitted students. These give the foundations of management and administration and research methodology. Thereafter, students can specialise in any of the five major concentrations that include:

i.Public Administration
ii.Public Procurement
iii.Business Administration
iv.Institutional Management and Leadership
v.Higher Education Management and administration.

Part Two: Dissertation
To complete a PhD, each participant must present results from their research to the faculty in a formal dissertation. The students will write their dissertations in accordance with NCHE minimum requirements and Uganda Management Institute’s policies for Doctoral studies.

This is an international program designed for highly qualified and motivated applicants who wish to acquire the research and analytical skills in management and administrative disciplines at doctoral level. It is designed for those individuals already working or those seeking jobs in academia as well as those who wish to acquire the skills of professional academic research to work in knowledge-intensive firms, multinational companies, government agencies, financial institutions, consulting firms as well as international agencies. Specifically, the Program is intended for:

i.University lecturers who would like to pursue a PhD degree in Administration and Management;
ii.Lecturers of administrative and management sciences in other tertiary institutions;
iii.Research fellows in management sciences; and
iv.Top level managers of the public and private sectors who are desirous of acquiring a PhD in management and administration.

Admission to a PhD Program at UMI will require participants with a Master's degree or equivalent from a recognised university in a related field, with sufficiently high grades and proven research ability.
In addition to the Institute’s normal admission requirements, this particular programme will involve a thorough review of each applicant. The admission will also involve a pre-entry examination through a written Graduate Admission test for ALL applicants for the PhD Programme. The Applications should include the following documents in their applications:
i.Two passport size Photographs
ii.Clear copy of passport and or any other valid identification
iii.English language skill certificates or demonstration that one has had all prior education in English
iv.Officially certified copies of academic transcripts (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate). Certified English translation of transcripts, if printed in another language other than English should be provided. A certificate of assessment from NCHE for those whose qualifications are in languages other than English or institutions not easily recognisable will be essential.
v.An up-to-date curriculum vitae fully signed
vi.A statement of purpose (maximum 1000 words)
vii.Two letters of reference (one preferably academic) printed on letter head and fully signed

Those who fulfill the above requirements will undergo a pre-admission examination for final admission to be administered on 3rd February 2017 at 9.00 a.m.
Weekend Saturday and Sunday (8.30 am-4.30pm)

Application forms and more information about the programme may be obtained from the address given below. Application forms are available at a cost of 40,000/=.
The application forms can also be picked from any of the UMI centers in Mbarara, Mbale and Gulu.
The completed applications together with documents specified in section 5 above must be submitted to the address bellow

The Institute Registrar
Uganda Management Institute
Plot 44-52 Jinja Road
P. O. Box 20131, Kampala
Tel: 0414/259722/223748; 0393 265141/0393 265138; 0752 259722 Fax: 259581
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Info

  • Course Code: Phd
  • Start Date: Monday, 03 April 2017
  • End Date: Sunday, 18 November 2018
  • School: School of Management Sciences
  • Department: Department of Economics and Managerial Science
  • Centre: Main Campus