Masters in Public Procurement (MPP) (EVENING)

Over the past decades sound public procurement management has become a key milestone of good governance
and national progress. Its significance for social and economic development is reflected in the fact that it
constitutes a sizeable proportion of the national economy (15 to 30 percent of national GDP). Public procurement
is, therefore, one of today’s fastest growing management disciplines, in terms of both managerial activity and
strategic importance. To manage the increasingly complex function of public procurement, procurement personnel
need conceptual, technical, and human skills.
This Masters degree is intended for participants to cope with the challenges of regulating, executing and monitoring
public procurement in an economically, politically, technologically and socially dynamic public sector management.
Its uniqueness will be its emphasis on the comprehensive coverage of the four pillars of effective national public
procurement system namely (1) the legal framework, (2) institutional and managerial arrangements (3) market
dynamics and (4) the systems for fighting corruption. The programme will impart the necessary procurement
technical and management skills while stressing the importance of professional and ethical behavior and
expectation to execute procurement functions with the citizens needs at the forefront.

The MPP will suit the public procurement officers and those aspiring to join the public procurement function at any
level – central, local and parastatal level. For those in the private sector, the programme will enable them
understand the machinery of government. Other employees and officers in government agencies and government
aides institutions engaged in various levels of procurement as user departments, stores, finance, projects,
corporate planning and other allied activities of a public/private sector organisation will find the programme of
significant level.

The admission for this programme will be in accordance with already established guidelines of the Institute and
those for Masters Programmes in line with the NCHE guidelines. In any case, the candidate will be admitted to the
programme if he/she satisfies the following conditions:
Holds an honours Bachelor’s Degree from a chartered institution of higher learning
Has a professional qualification from any recognized professional body
Any other relevant qualifications
Practical experience is an added advantage

This will be a coursework (taught) and research based Masters’ Degree. It shall consist of three semesters of
academic study and one additional semester for a dissertation or seminar paper constituting a total duration of
two years. The programme is made up of 12 compulsory taught core modules and three specialization modules
obtained from a range of 4 choices in different sectors of the public arena. In addition, participants will be required
to complete a dissertation or a seminar paper relating to their specific selected field of research interest but using
skills and knowledge obtained from any of the taught modules in previous semesters.
The MPP programme shall have the following core and specialization modules offers within two semesters and a
dissertation or seminar paper embarked on in the third semester.

Year One – Semester One
MPP1: Principles of Public Procurement
MPP2: Management and Organisational Behaviour
MPP3: Research Methods
MPP4: Foundations of Public Administration
MPP5: Public Procurement and Development
MPP6: Ethics and Public Procurement Law

Year One – Semester Two
MPP7: Comparative Public Procurement Systems
MPP8: E-Procurement Management Applications
MPP9: Government Contract Management
MPP10: Finance for Procurement Professionals
MPP11: Procurement Risk Management
MPP12: Strategic Planning and Management

Year Two – Semester One (Electives)
MPP13: Sustainable Procurement Management
MPP14: Project Management in the Public Sector
MPP15: Equipment and Supplies Management
MPP16: Public Private Partnerships
Dissertation Writing/Seminar Paper

Fees: Ug.shs.4, 150,000 per year
DURATION: 2 years



Additional Info

  • Course Code: HDD: 601-5
  • Start Date: Monday, 07 August 2017
  • End Date: Monday, 05 August 2019
  • School: Business and Management
  • Department: Procurement & Logistics
  • Centre: Main Campus