Masters in Public Administration (MPA) (WEEKEND)

This programme is designed to enhance the skills of accomplished senior officials, who hold key positions within organizations and those aspiring to have a specialized career in public administration. The curriculum provides
a broad range of analytical and conceptual skills in critical areas needed for managing in a changing globalThe programme curriculum uniquely gives skills in managing the critical human, financial and material
resources of public sector organizations. The Master in Public Administration degree shall consist of three semesters coursework along with the completion of a dissertation or a seminal paper publishable in an international journal.
The taught component is made up of 13 core courses and any 2 specializations obtained from a range of choices different sectors of the public arena. In addition to the taught curriculum, students complete a dissertation or a
seminar paper relating to their specific selected field of specialization but using skills and knowledge obtained from courses. The dissertation or seminal paper is written up as part of the second year of the degree programme
and specific guidelines will be provided to the students.

The goal of the programme will be to train and develop participants with a thorough knowledge of the legal, institutional, economic, technological and political environments of public administration in a changing
environment. Participants, who undertake this programme will be equipped with theoretical and practical skills in functions of local and central governmental agencies and will gain special expertise in the theoretical
foundations of public Administration, effective public service management, administrative law and ethics, public making, strategic planning, advanced management techniques, program design, monitoring and
implementation and results-based leadership that emphasize efficiency and effectiveness. Specifically the Master of Public Administration aims at producing a skilled administrator who:
Demonstrates awareness and knowledge of the political context of working in the public service, and appreciates the theoretical foundations of public administration,
Displays practical knowledge of all facets of public sector work, Exihbits technical competence, and conducts oneself ethically, recognizing the broad responsibility toward the public interest in contrast to a more narrowly defined self-interest. By the end of the programme, participants for this programme will be able to: 
Effectively manage the human, financial and material resources of public sector as well as other Organizations.
Apply the best public administration skills and best practices in delivery public services.
Mobilize resources for public, private and NGO sector programmes and conduct effective evaluation of these

Improving the performance of Uganda’s public service for efficient and effective service delivery continues to be a priority agenda for the government. Since the 1980s various policy initiatives have been undertaken by
government, including decentralization (services and authority), creation of oversight institutions, public sector reform programme, etc. At the ministerial and departmental levels, a number of performance measures have
been put in place to improve service delivery. However, the efficiency and effectiveness of these interventions have been seriously questioned from a number of fronts. Among the culprit factors include the skills and
competencies of the human resources who manage different public service delivery systems. These challenges have been elaborately presented in the recently formulated National Development Plan (2010).

The MPA degree is designed to provide the participants with an understanding and knowledge of government management in an environment of global dynamics and demands of accountability from a number of internal and
external stakeholders. As a professional program, emphasis is placed upon learning those administrative concepts, processes and techniques that are associated with managing the public's business in an efficient and effective
manner putting the citizens who benefit from government services at the forefront. Designed with the learner’s expectations at the forefront, the programme is essential to prepare public administration students who blend the
theoretical concepts with practical dimensions of administration and encourages a broadened academic and Professional perspective.

The MPA programme taught component will have the following core and specialization modules offered within
three semesters and Dissertation or Semester paper in the third semester:

Semester one
Year 1 Module Name
MPUB111 Foundations of Public Administration
MPUB112 Administrative Law and Ethics in the Public Sector
MPUB113 Research Methods for Public Administration
MPUB114 Local Government Administration & Management
MPUB115 Strategic Planning and Management
MPUB116 Human Resource Management for Public Administration

Semester two
MPUB211 Public Service Management
MPUB212 Public Policy Management
MPUB213 Information Technology in the Public Sector
MPUB214 Financial Management for Public Administration
MPUB215 Public Procurement Management
MPUB216 Organizational Theory and Behavior

Year 2: 1 Semester three (Specializations)
MPUB311 Project Management for the Public Sector
MUPB312 Managerial Economics and Public Finance
MPUB313 Public Sector Resource Mobilization
MPUB314 Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Programmes
MPUB315 Urban Development Policy and Planning
MPUB316 Administration of Educational Institutions
MPUB317 Health Policy & Systems Management
MPUB318 Public Transport Management
MPUB319 Energy Policy and Management

TUITION FEES: Ug.shs.4, 150,000 per year
DURATION: 2 years
MODE OF STUDY: Weekends: (Saturday & Sunday) 8.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Additional Info

  • Course Code: HDD: 601-3
  • Start Date: Monday, 07 August 2017
  • End Date: Monday, 05 August 2019
  • School: Civil Service, Public Administration & Governance
  • Department: Management
  • Centre: Main Campus