Introduction To Internet, Intranet, E-Mail And Social Media Technology

Rationale :
The availability of vast information/data on the Internet which can be shared using various Internet services like
e-mail, telnet, World Wide Web (WWW), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and social media has led to organisations/
Institutions getting connected to the Internet. In addition organizations have a lot of data that can be kept efficiently
and organized using the intranet

Persons who have had no formal training in Internet use, Intranet, e-mail use and social media technology.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:
Discuss the use of the internet/intranet
Explain how the Internet/intranet works
Acquire skills for planning, setting and managing intranets and surfing the Internet
Use Social media services available on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter)

Internet/intranet Technology
Internet/intranet requirements
Intranet as a resource for Corporate Information
Planning and organizing intranet information
Technical requirements for connecting to the Internet
Electronic mail management
Social media services available on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin,Twitter

What is social media ?
Understanding social media’s effect and reach
What are the most popular platforms for business
Social media terminology
Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter: Choosing the right platform for your business
Three specific goals you can’t afford to lose sight of when choosing a platform
The most popular business platforms and what really makes them work
Other not-so-obvious platforms you may not know about, but should
The first 3 questions to ask when choosing a platform
Want to gain traction and build momentum? How to choose and use multiple platforms

Setting up a Business Page
Optimizing your Business Page
Using your Business Page
Growing your Fan Page
Engaging fans on Facebook
Advertising on Facebook
Facebook Competitions
Facebook Terminology

Setting up a Twitter profile
Building a following
Using Twitter
Managing your account
Search Twitter

Measuring what’s really important - your return on investment
The most important social media metric of all
What can and should you measure? The number of fans, page views, Tweets, social bookmarks?
How not to get caught off guard by these measurement roadblocks
Using analytics to better understand your ROI and make better decisions
A look at monitoring tools and how they can simplify the job

Social Media Management
Creating timetables
Choosing and sourcing content
Building a community
Interacting with your community
Responding to negative comments / activity
Online etiquette

Starting with Social Media
Preparing your website for social media
Who should manage social media?
Choosing the right platform

Social Media Policy
Who does a policy protect?
What should a policy include?
Introducing a social media policy to your company


Demonstrations, discussions, practical exercises, role plays, presentations.

DATE: November 14 - 18, 2016
TUITION FEES: Ug.Shs.320,000=
Accommodation (excluding meals) Ug.Shs.180,000=
VENUE: Uganda Management Institute – Kampala Centre
CODE: IT: 201-11

Additional Info

  • Course Code: IT: 201-11
  • Start Date: Monday, 14 November 2016
  • End Date: Friday, 18 November 2016
  • School: Distance learning and Information Technology
  • Department: Information Technology
  • Centre: Main Campus