Computerised Human Resource Information Management

The world of work is rapidly changing in line with changes in the business environment. To effectively cope with these
changes, Human resource practitioners need to equip themselves with modern techniques to manage significant
amount of documentation and records pertaining from the Human resource function

Personnel Officers and Human Resource Practitioners in public and private organizations
OBJECTIVES: By the end of the course, participants should be able to:
Improve human resource records keeping
Centrally collect and manage employee bio-data
Set and manage employee leave entitlement, benefits, training, asset deployment and departmental placement
Develop simple employee database systems

The Changing Role of HR Practitioners
Human Resource Records Keeping
HRIS Planning And Selection
Collecting and Managing Employee Bio-Data Electronically
B uilding Simple Databases for Employee Records
Setting and Managing Employee leave entitlement, benefits, training, asset deployment and departmental
placement electronically
Managing the Payroll Function Electronically
Managing Employee Records Electronically
Generating Reports of Employee Records

TRAINING METHODS: Lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, case studies, practical exercises.

DATES: May 16 - 20, 2016
November 7 - 11, 2016
TUITION FEES: Ug.Shs.320,000=
Accommodation (excluding meals) Ug.Shs.180,000=
VENUE: Uganda Management Institute – Kampala Centre
CODE: IT: 201 -09

Additional Info

  • Course Code: IT: 201 -09
  • Start Date: Monday, 07 November 2016
  • End Date: Friday, 11 November 2016
  • School: Distance learning and Information Technology
  • Department: Information Technology
  • Centre: Main Campus