Statistical Data Analysis Using Spss And Epi-Info

This course introduces one to statistical programs such as Epi-Info and Statistical Package for Social Scientists
(SPSS ) for data analysis. Epi Info is a public domain software package designed for researchers, which provides
an easy form of database construction, data entry, and analysis with statistics, maps, and graphs. SPSS aims at
developing hands on skills and knowledge in analyzing different types of data.

Researchers, Research Assistants, Statisticians, Data Analysts, Data Entrants and any other persons engaged in data
collection, analysis and reporting.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:
Use Epi for data capture
Use SPSS for data analysis
Produce reports based on data analyzed

Data collection techniques
Principles of table/questionnaire design
Principles of data processing
Introduction to Epi Info
Designing data entry screens in Epi Info
Data entry and analysis in Epi Info
Error control and editing in Epi Info
Fundamentals of SPSS
Summarizing data in SPSS
Associations between categorical variables
Associations between numerical variables
Describing variables in SPSS
Computing descriptive statistics in SPSS
Testing Hypothesis

TRAINING METHODS: Lectures, demonstrations, practical exercises

DATES: March 11 - 24, 2016
August 15 - 26, 2016
TUITION FEES: Ug.Shs.480,000=
Accommodation (excluding meals) Ug.Shs.390,000=
VENUE: Uganda Management Institute - Kampala Centre
CODE: 1T: 201-08

Additional Info

  • Course Code: 1T: 201-08
  • Start Date: Monday, 15 August 2016
  • End Date: Friday, 26 August 2016
  • School: Distance learning and Information Technology
  • Department: Information Technology
  • Centre: Main Campus