Professional Powerpoint Presentation Skills

The course provides the tools and techniques needed to produce materials for presentations without the help of
a presentation graphics specialist. The course aims at equipping participants with skills in developing and making
professional presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint programme.

Persons who make presentations at meetings, workshops, conferences, retreats, etc using computer or other
modern communications equipment.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
Prepare presentation slides using the MS Power Point programme
Make effective presentations
Print presentations

Getting started with Power Point
Preparing New Slides for Presentation
Working with Slide View
Creating Charts and Graphs
Slide Shows and Navigation
Creating Slide Animations and Transitions
Working with Master Slide, Slide Layout and Design Templates
Printing Slides, Notes and Hand-Outs
Insert objects, e.g. pictures, charts, graphs, maps into presentation slides
Overview of Corel Presentations and Lotus Notes

Demonstrations, discussions, practical exercises, role plays, presentations.

DATE: April 11 -15, 2016
TUITION FEES: Ug.Shs.320,000=
Accommodation (excluding meals) Ug.Shs.180,000=
VENUE: Uganda Management Institute – Kampala Centre
CODE: IT: 201-06


Additional Info

  • Course Code: IT: 201-06
  • Start Date: Monday, 11 April 2016
  • End Date: Friday, 15 April 2016
  • School: Distance learning and Information Technology
  • Department: Information Technology
  • Centre: Main Campus