Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management(Weekend)


Logistics has now become a boardroom issue. It has moved from being a middle management position to being a senior executive one as the management of the flow of materials and goods into and out of the organisation is seen to have a significant impact on customer service and costs. It is increasingly being recognised as a factor that shapes a company’s success. This postgraduate diploma aims at helping supervisors, managers and professionals to refine their essential managerial skills in the various areas of logistics by understanding the basic theories and practices in effective management of materials flow in Organisations.

 The course is comprised of 4 basic, 6 core and 2 electives out of a total 12 modules. It is modularised to enable participants study at their convenience by either completing the whole course in two semesters by completing its modules over a period of three (3) consecutive years. Participants who obtain the postgraduate diploma with at least a second-class award may be admitted to the Master of Management Studies (MMS) degree programme (Logistics Management Option).

 Programme Content:

 Basic Modules

Module1: Management Skills Improvement

Module 2:                Quantitative Methods for Decision Making

Module 3:                Management Information Systems

Module 4:                Research Methods

 Core modules

Module 5:                Principles of Logistics Management

Module 6:                Procurement Management

Module 7:                Marketing and Distribution Management

Module 8:                Transportation and Fleet Management

Module 9:                Warehousing and Stores Management

Module 10:              Planning and Budgeting


Module 11:              International Logistics Management OR Managing Human Resources

Module 12:              Operations Management OR Project Planning and Management


Participants are assessed through continuous practical exercises, course work and written examination.

 Tuition Fees:           Ugshs 2,870,000=

Additional Info

  • Course Code: CODE:PLM: 801 - 14
  • Start Date: Thursday, 01 September 2016
  • End Date: Friday, 29 September 2017
  • School: Business and Management
  • Department: Procurement & Logistics
  • Centre: Main Campus