Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management(Evening)

This is a highly participatory and intensive training programme for mid-career and Senior Executives and participants aspiring for higher levels of management in the Private, Public, and NGOs and Parastatal Sectors. Participants who successfully complete the course with second class and above may qualify to undertake the applied work-based research leading to the award of UMI’s prestigious Masters Degree in Management Studies (MMS) in the Procurement and supply chain Management option.   The course is modularised to enable participants study at their convenience by either completing the whole course in 2 semesters or completing its modules over a period not exceeding 3 years.   This course covers 12 modules where 4 are basic, 6 are core and 2 are electives from the 4 options given.

 Programme Content:

Basic Modules:

Module1: Management Skills Improvement

Module 2:                Quantitative Methods for Decision Making

Module 3:                Management Information Systems

Module 4:                Research Methods

Core Modules:

Module 5:                Public Procurement Management

Module 6:                Logistics and Supply Chain Management             

Module 7:                Strategy and Strategic Procurement Management

Module 8:                Procurement Law and Contract Management

Module 9:                Financial Accounting and Management

Module 10:              Procurement Ethics and Governance


Module 11:              Managing Human Resources OR Project Planning and Management

Module 12:              Marketing Management OR International Procurement


Participants are assessed through exercises, course work, and written examinations.

 Tuition Fees:   Evening:   Ugshs 2,810,000=

Additional Info

  • Course Code: CODE:PLM: 801 - 12
  • Start Date: Thursday, 01 September 2016
  • End Date: Friday, 28 July 2017
  • School: Business and Management
  • Department: Procurement & Logistics
  • Centre: Main Campus