Support on Online services at UMI

Friday, 16 November 2018 17:24


As the Institute continues to roll out AIMS into its different business functions, our next drive for next 10 days is an awareness campaign for participants.

The AIMS support team starting today 16th until 25th November 2018 will be moving class to class educating participants on a number of things regarding;
• AIMS - How to access the system, enrol themselves, register and generate payment reference numbers, and request for course change,
• Wireless - How to register and access the wireless network,
• Update them on ID issuance, and Payment
• Attend to a few issues relating to AIMS, IR and Wireless

A Tent has been set up in front of the Library where issues of support with regard to the above will be attended to up to 7:00pm

The schedule:
1. Today 16th Nov 2018: Evening Classes on Admin block and Annex (Rm 38 - DFM, Rm 38 - DPPM l, Rm 40 - DPPM II, Rm 41 - DHRM, Rm 47 - DPPG, Rm 43 - DISM)
2. Tomorrow Sat, 17th Nov 2018: Weekend Classes on Admin Block and Annex,
3. Sun 18th Nov 2018: Weekend Classes on the Eastern blocks

A schedule will be sent out on Monday 19th for the reset of the next week.

We expect to utilize 10 minutes in the classroom, and the rest of the issues will be referred to the Help desk team in the tent.

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