Policy Think Tanks

The Uganda Development Policy Management Forum (UDMF) was established in 2003 with support from Development Policy Management Forum (DPMF), based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in order to provide various stakeholders in the country with opportunity to make a positive and informed contribution to the National Policy Development and Implementation process.   UDPMF’ vision is to be a leading independent think tank for analyzing policy development and implementation issues of relevance to Uganda and the great Lakes region in general.  Its mission is to positively influence policy development and management in Uganda.

More specifically UDPMF is set out to:

  • To provide a Forum for informed evidence-based discussion of policy development and management in Uganda
  • To broaden and deepen the understanding of policy development process in the country among key stakeholders
  • Promote participatory policy development through inclusion of policy makers, implementers and beneficiaries, observers, academics and other stakeholders in the policy development and implementation process
  • Undertake policy research
  • Disseminate proceedings of discussion and research on policy development and implementation of potential users in central and local government, parliament, the business sector, NGOs, universities and other tertiary educational institutions, the media and among donors.
  • To lobby and advocate for different interest groups on matters that affect policy development and implementation;

The Uganda Development Management Policy Forum hosts public dialogues on topical issues. The dialogues bring together academicians, CSOs actors, government technocrats, policy makers, implementers and citizens concerned with national policy to debate and provide alternative input into the policy development, implementation and management processes. 

Some of the dialogues held include: 

The political economy of trade and its implication for development in Uganda held on 16th October 2012

Public policy dialogue on MSMEs held on 29th March 2012