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Masters in Higher Education Management and Administration (MHEMA)

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The dynamic changes in higher education, such as increased competition, increased privatisation, entry of adult working students, new funding arrangements like cost sharing, reduction in government budgets and

the emergence of new technologies, are all placing pressure on higher education institutions to operate on a much more professional level in establishing appropriate management systems. All higher education institutions are expected to be managed with the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, doing more with less while meeting the demands of the stakeholders is today a matter of high priority for higher education institutions in the developing world. Those in leadership and management positions thus need to take an upper hand in this direction. Unfortunately, there are limited programmes with a specialised focus on training higher education managers of the 21st century.

To address this gap, the Masters in Higher Education Management and Administration is being proposed. The programme is designed to provide skills and competencies to a team of administrators, managers and lecturers with a ‘new approach to thinking’ in managing human, material and financial resources within both public and private.

The Masters in Higher Education Management and Administration is designed for training professionals (including those who work as technologists, managers and designers/providers of environments, materials or resources) within higher education – and also in the public, voluntary, private and cultural sectors.


Course Objectives

-To Manage an efficient higher education system.

-To Solve problems with the stakeholder interests put at maximum consideration.

-To Analyze the role of management and administration in higher education change process.

-To Contribute to the production and application of knowledge on higher education through research.

-To Apply conceptual, theoretical and practical skills that are management-related in confronting higher education challenges.


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Course Code



2 Years

Tuition Fees

Ug.shs.4,150,000 per year

Venue and Time

UMI Branches

Teaching Method

The Masters in Higher Education Management and Administration Programme will be run on a modular system.



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