Monday, 10 September 2018 10:42

The Alumni AGM took place on Friday the 31st of August 2018 at 02:30pm at the graduation grounds. It started off with the national anthem, followed by the Institute prayer and the elections registered a good number of voters.
Members of the assembly gave their remarks during the reading of the report and issues such as need for accountability, queries on mismanagement of funds due to lack of a committee account arose.
The Chair took a vote that the report should not be discussed further and the DFA proposed that since the report was inadequate, the incoming committee should obtain more information from the outgoing committee.
The Chair introduced the Returning Officer Paddy Mugambe who communicated the procedure for voting in reference to the constitution.
There were 7 different electoral positions

• Alumni President
• Vice president
• Secretary
• Assistant Secretary
• Treasurer
• Assistant Treasurer
• And the 5 members:
Kampala Extra

He further communicated that members of the association should have paid the annual fee of 10,000 and should have been registered. The nominated people for the different positions should also be registered and when nominated for a position, one should pay 40,000=
The assembly was to nominate someone who should then be seconded by two people. Further instructions included that a member of management should mark on a clear board and tallying would be done after. This was done by Nicholas Kizza for purposes of transparency.
Joseph Sseruwu an alumni proposed that there be a cap on the number of nominees but the assembly voted that it should be kept open.
The Returning Officer introduced the committee:
• The Chair – Dr. Elizabeth Lwanga
• Finance – Gertrude Nabbaale
• Support/Tech team- Nicholas Kizza
• Tallying Officer- Alex Nduhura
• Coordinator- Peter Kibazo
• Support staff- Lydia Lillian Nakachwa
• Secretary Phionah Kintu.
The nomination process was that one had to be nominated by someone other than himself and should be seconded by two others and later followed by campaigns by the Alumni President candidates.
The returning Officer declared the following people as the members of Guild:
• President Ronald Mivule
• Vice Bosco Baluku
• Treasurer Dorcus Polly Abaro
• Secretary Richard Busingye
• Committee members
Gulu Catherine Agina
Mbale Katooco Joyce
Mbarara Saphat Mwesigwa
Kampala Owilli Geoffrey
Kampala Extra Victoria Twiine
They were instructed to take over office immediately and were handed over to the Chair.
The Chair congratulated the voters for an outstanding voting process and invited the committee to come for the swearing in as soon as the Institute is ready to host the function.

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