Masters in Higher Education Management and Administration(Evening)

The introduction of the Masters in Higher Education Management and Administration comes as a response to the wide outcry of
the challenges faced by Institutions of higher learning in Africa, but more specifically in Uganda. It specifically focuses on
developing the capacity of individuals to manage the higher education system and to provide quality higher education services.
The Masters in Higher Education Management and Administration is designed for training professionals (including those who
work as technologists, managers and designers/providers of environments, materials or resources) within higher education – and
also in the public, voluntary, private and cultural sectors.

The programme targets higher education leaders, managers and curriculum developers, especially experienced middle-level
managers looking to move into senior management positions. The programme is also intended to meet the needs of participants
interested in current policy developments in higher education and their impact on the management of higher education.

The admission for this programme will be in accordance with already established guidelines of the Institute and those for Masters
Programmes in line with the NCHE guidelines. In any case, the candidate will be admitted to the programme if he/she satisfies
the following conditions:
Holds an honours Bachelors Degree from a chartered institution of higher learning
Has a professional qualification from any recognized professional body
Any other relevant qualifications
Practical experience is an added advantage

This will be a coursework (taught) and research based Masters’ Degree. The programme involves both core and elective modules.
Core modules are compulsory and must be passed by all participants. Elective modules complement the student’s main
programme of study to correspond with the student’s background and career aspirations.

Year One – Semester One
MHEMA1: Foundations of Higher Education
MHEMA2: Financial Management in Higher Education
MEHMA3: Higher Education Administration and Policy
MEHMA4: Higher Education Quality Assurance and Assessment
MEHMA5: Governance and Leadership in Higher Education
MEHMA6: Human and Organisational Performance

Year One – Semester Two
MEHMA7: Teaching and Learning Theories in Higher Education
MEHMA8: Higher Education and Development
MEHMA9: Pedagogy and Curriculum Design in Higher Education
MEHMA10: Comparative Higher Education
MEHMA11: Research Methods for Higher Education Management
MEHMA12: Law and Ethics in Higher Education

Year Two – Semester One (Electives)
MEHMA13: Management of Student Affairs and Campus Operations
MEHMA14: Project Management in Higher Education
MEHMA15: Gender and Higher Education
MEHMA16: Staff Development in Higher Education
Dissertation Writing/Seminar Paper

FEES: Ug.shs.4,150,000 per year
DURATION: 2 years



Additional Info

  • Course Code: HDD: 601-6
  • Start Date: Monday, 06 August 2018
  • End Date: Friday, 07 August 2020
  • School: School of Management Sciences
  • Department: Department of Political and Administrative Sciences
  • Centre: Main Campus