Masters in Institutional Management And Leadership (WEEKEND)

In today’s changing landscape of service delivery, it is pertinent that managers at all levels become sophisticated
to steer the Knowledge economy and face the internationalization challenges that are taking shape in the effective
and efficient delivery of goods, services and works. Managers in public, private and the NGO world are both
consumers and critical agents of the sophisticated knowledge of management and leadership from an institutional
perspective. In line with the mission and strategic direction of Uganda Management institute, the Higher Degrees
Department designed a unique Master’s Degree in Institutional Management and Leadership, which blends
theoretical and practical skills to produce an institutional leader or manager with capacity to steer his or her
institution/organization in the rapidly changing organizational environment.

The Masters of Institutional Management and Leadership is designed to enable managers play a challenging role
in managing key strategic resources and to tap necessary competences amidst a turbulent internal and external
institutional set up where the common expectation is ‘to do more with less’. The programme not only addresses
the primary challenges of day-today operational management and leadership issues but more importantly it aims
at developing managers and leaders who can handle the tactical and strategic roles. The programme will help the
participants to develop competencies in a number of specific areas that will enhance their ability to provide urgent
solutions to their clients.

The core components of the course provides for not only the generic required competencies in management and
leadership but also those of the modern era whilst the specializations and Dissertation component/term paper
allows the candidates to demonstrate their ability to formulate and research issues and problems faced by their
organizations. To achieve these goals but also to ensure quality of the teaching and learning outcomes, the
programme will be taught by a combination of academics, senior public and private managers and leaders,
accomplished with significant local and international exposure. We strive to encourage and adopt collaborative
mechanisms with reputable visiting academics and practitioners in the areas of management and leadership. The
programme will expose participants with the theory and practice of effective management and leadership through
comparing national, regional and international practices.

The Masters in Institutional Management and Leadership is designed for anyone who aspires to have a leadership
position in any kind of organization, including but not limited to service delivery sectors like education, health or
who is interested in understanding more about management and leadership positions within these contexts. The
programme aims to develop the knowledge, skills, competencies and capabilities of its graduates to lead their
organizations efficiently, effectively and successfully at a time of rapid change. The Master's Programme is oriented
to the needs of professionals and researchers and will be strongly supported by a broad range of experts in the

In specific terms, this programme pursues two broad aims:
(i) To enable aspiring leaders and managers to become more informed about critical issues in management and
leadership, and thus to apply intellectual and practitioner oriented approaches to addressing these challenges
during their work

(ii) To help them cope positively and effectively with the management and leadership challenges that emanate
from the political, social, economic and technological environments.

The programme will impart a set of skills including Management Skills ,Leadership skills, change management
skills, people management skills, Research Skills ,Curriculum Development Skills ,Psychology Skills ,Research Skills
, Cultural Diversity Skills , Evaluation Skills , facilities management , financial management among others.

In the changing environment there is a general lack of specifically designed programmes to meet the unique Masters in Institutional Management And Leadership (WEEKEND)
challenges of institutional leaders and managers with a true vision of service to propel their organizations A
graduate level training programme aimed at producing such managers and leaders with the practical hands-on
skills to effectively manage and lead institutions amidst the exiting challenges but with the capacity to work within
the bureaucracies of the institutional systems cannot be over emphasized. A Masters in Institutional Management
and Leadership will involve an analysis of different institutional systems in Uganda (and beyond) and will impart
skills and competencies with an ability to manage a large number of people and the ability to navigate often
cumbersome bureaucracies in effectively producing institutional outcomes. The Programme aims at producing
problem solvers not leaders or managers who become ‘part of the problem’. The programme will have core and
specialization modules offered within three Semesters and Dissertation/Term Seminar Paper in the third semester.
The weekend programme will be conducted at UMI main campus on Saturdays and Sundays for a prescribed
number of contact hours.

Members of governing boards in government and private organisations
CEOs in public and private organisations
Senior managers of educational, health and other institutions
Those aspiring to be experts in the science and practice of institutional management and leadership.
Senior academics, principles, Teachers and trainers in government and private institutions
Organisational Development analysts and Consultants
Heads of Departments

The programme will include a set of 12 core compulsory modules to be completed by all participants and a set of
elective modules (4-specializations) with the dissertation/Term paper written after completing both core and
specializations. To receive an award of a Masters of institutional Management and Leadership, the student must
have completed core and elective courses and presented and defended a dissertation of acceptable quality in
accordance with the guidelines of Uganda Management institute.

Year 1 Semester One

MIML1: Institutional Management and Leadership: Theories and Models
MIML2: Public Financial Management
MIML3: Institutional Policy Planning, Design and Implementation
MIML4: Research Methods and Inquiry
MIML5: Human Resource Development and Management
MIML6: Strategic Leadership and Management

Year 1 Semester Two

MIML7: Ethics and Law in Leadership and Management
MIML8: Monitoring and Evaluation of Institutional Programmes
MIML9: Corporate Governance and Innovation
MIML10: Leadership and ICT
MIML11: Procurement and Facilities Management
MIML12: Organisational Development and Change
Year 2: Semester One (Specialisations)
MIML13: Staff Administration and Management
MIML14: Measurement and Evaluation: Theory and Models
MIML15: Independent Study
MIML16: Health Policy and Planning
MIML17: Transport Policy and Planning Management
MIML18: Occupational Health and Safety
MIML19: Guided Study

Write a dissertation/Scholarly Term Paper

TUITION FEES: Ug.shs.4, 150,000 per year.
DURATION: 2 years
MODE OF STUDY: Weekends: (Saturday & Sunday) 8.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Additional Info

  • Course Code: HDD: 601-4
  • Start Date: Saturday, 25 August 2018
  • End Date: Wednesday, 05 August 2020
  • School: Business and Management
  • Department: Department of Economics and Managerial Science
  • Centre: Main Campus